RD&C combines in depth scientific knowledge of various research disciplines to coordinate and guide innovative concepts for new drug candidates. Regulatory compliant drug development documentation and expert dossiers are provided on sound scientific and regulatory experience.

RD&C permanently monitors trends and new developments on the pharmaceutical market. The last decade has seen rapid technological progress but with increasing demands for safe and efficacious drugs, technological solutions that reduce the barriers to clinical success will be of more interest than those that simply shift the bottlenecks and necessitate new compromises in the discovery and development process.


Innovations for regulatory compliant characterisation of APIs and drug products: efficient and reliable methods for evaluation of stability and compatibility of solid formulations

  1. Co-crystal concepts for innovative formulations and indiciations
  2. Solid state reaction platform: prediction and identification of solid state specific degradation products
  3. Compatibility studies for solid formulations: use of solid state reaction platform to minimize financial and time efforts
  4. Synthesis of API-excipient interaction products: e.g. lactose adducts
  5. Development of High-Throughput Platforms for forced degradation studies
  6. IP strategies
  7. Drug discovery & development strategies
  8. Successful project management and market approval
  9. CRO/CMO identification
  10. In-depth market knowledge
  11. Innovative scientific concepts

RD&C seeks for partners to translate these concepts into reality. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing these proposals!